The first offering is The Basics – A Wild Ink Making Workshop. In this workshop we will make a seasonal, sustainably harvested hedgerow ink together and further expand the scope of possibilities with some modifiers. 
the second is Charcoal Ink Making – From Plant to Bottle. This one includes making our own charcoal, so access to a fire, stove, firepit or fireplace would be handy, but using some from your stash or art shop is also perfectly fine.
Both are live zoom meetings of 1hr 30mins which includes a Q&A and sharing of results at the end.
Before each workshop you will receive a detailed downloadable PDF for The Basics workshop and a video for the Charcoal workshop, allowing you plenty of time to prep before we meet on Zoom and create our inks together.
A brief follow up video will be supplied after the workshop with some extra info and recipes, along with a downloadable link of our Zoom waltz together.
The Basics – A Wild Ink Making Workshop will be held on Thursday 8th October at 7pm (GMT)
With Charcoal Ink Making – From Plant to Bottle happening just in time for Samhain on 29th October, also at 7pm (GMT).
Both are the same price of 40€ per person. Concessions are, of course available, just get in touch through the contact box below.
To nab your spot today, click on the Buy Place Here button below, and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions.
                                         Boom xx
Thank you!
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