BLODEUEDD from The Mabinogion
​​​​​​​Spread 4  30cm x 30cm
Flowerface: 'Thou art never to never to dare show thy face in the light of day, and that through fear of all birds; and that thou shalt not lose thy name, but that thou be for ever called Blodeuwedd' Spread 12  18cm x 17cm
Two vignettes: 'Grows an oak on upland plain, In its top Lleu Llaw Gyffes'  Spreads 11 & 1
 7.5cm x 6cm and 8cm x 9cm
CROW Ted Hughes
Crow 1 & 2  6cm x 5.5cm
                               Crows Flying Home From School 1,2 & 3  6cm x 19cm
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